Why Choose Us


Statistics show, most people say they are most satisfied when drivable vehicles are repaired and returned to them in a week or less and non-drivable returned in two weeks or less. We make every effort to make this a reality. In some circumstances this is not feasible, due to parts on back order status, insurance company delays, or just severe amount of damage. We work very diligently to move your vehicle through the repair process while providing quality repairs.

We have an onsite mechanic for all mechanical needs such as suspension, engine, and dash removal. This helps speed up the process by avoiding having to tow the vehicle to a mechanical shop to have these operations performed.


Your vehicle is a large investment of both your money and safety. Today’s vehicles are built with a lot of advanced technology, with a combination of advanced metals (high strength steel (HHS), Ultra high strength steel (UHSS), born steel, aluminum, magnesium) and more. These metals are not like metals on the older cars (mild steel) that could just be heated and straightened. These metals are designed to be extra strong yet thin and lightweight to reduced overall vehicle weight for fuel economy. These metals are also designed to stay strong in some areas and collapse in others for the transfer of energy around the passenger compartment. For some of these metals if they are damaged they cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Also they must be replaced properly, by following manufactures recommendations, to provide proper strength. If these recommendations are not followed in a subsequent collision the factory safety ratings become null.

At Signature 2 we have invested in state of the art technology and keep up with current training in the industry. The Manager is an I-Car instructor, who trains the rest of the shops in the high desert. We also are one of, if not the only, shop in the high desert with a dedicated aluminum repair station. Aluminum is very easily contaminated and must be repaired completely separate and with dedicated tools just for aluminum to avoid galvanic corrosion.


With the use of state of the art equipment we are able to provide top quality repairs. We use computerized estimating systems to order the correct parts, computerized measuring systems to make sure your vehicles structure is within factory specifications, and computerized paint systems, for proper color match. Then after all the repairs are done we have many sets of eyes on the final product. The technician that works on the vehicle performs a 36 point inspection of all the lights, fluids, and interior mechanical functions. Then the detail department inspects the vehicle for any paint imperfections and makes corrections if necessary, and polishes the finish as necessary to match original finish. Then we do and interior and exterior cleaning to remove any signs of the repair process. Finally it goes up front for another inspection and final quality control check where we go line by line on the repair bill to verify all repairs were performed and re-inspect for quality, and take on a final test drive to make sure there are no rattles, wind noises, or other issues before returning to our customer.


At Signature 2 we provide a limited lifetime warranty on our repairs. We are able to do this because we use only the best materials and have the best craftsman performing the work. We guarantee our color match and lifetime warranty on the paint*. Parts warranty is limited from the supplier or manufacturer of the part.


Our main goal above all else is your satisfaction. We do everything in our power to provide excellent customer service and quality repairs for your complete satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason with our repairs we will redo or correct any repairs as necessary. We go above and beyond to return your vehicle to pre loss condition based on industry approved repair methods.

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