What To Do After An Accident

Get a Police Report

If you are still at the accident scene, call the police. The police will come out and write up a police report. They will obtain both parties insurance, driver’s license, and vehicle information. The police report may take several weeks to process, but can be helpful during a dispute with insurance companies.

Exchange Insurance Information and Take Photos

Although the police report will contain the insurance information for both parties it is important to obtain this information for yourself, as the wait for a copy of the police report make take weeks. If you have a camera available, such as on your smartphone, take photos of the scene of the loss, both vehicle all the way around and even the driver and passengers, if possible. Unfortunately over the years, we have heard many horror stories, and learned from other peoples misfortunes that there is a lot of people that will say one thing at the time of the loss, and then after change their story, so the more proof (photos), the better. Ask to see the other parties driver’s license, insurance card, and vehicle registration. Also be sure to write down a phone number to contact the other party.

Choose Your Body Shop (Know Your Rights)

You have the right to choose your own repair shop! Many insurance companies work directly with shops and will try to push you to have repairs done at that shop. We are a recommended shop for several insurance companies, but if your insurance isn’t one of them, you can still have your repairs done with us. We can work with your insurance company to get your vehicle repaired to the highest quality at a reasonable cost.

File a Claim

File a claim with both parties’ insurance companies. Although you may want to have your vehicle repaired under the other parties insurance, it is good to file a claim with your insurance in case of any disputes. Remember your insurance company works for you, so utilize it if need be.

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