Repair Process

Step 1

Writing the Estimate

The process starts by us writing an estimate for the collision repair, or auto body and paint work. From there we will inform you of exactly what will need to be done to repair your vehicle back to preloss condition, and either have you leave the vehicle if it is unsafe to be driven, or schedule drop off at a later time, so that we may pre-order parts, and schedule the repairs to expedite the down time for the repairs, and you may make arrangements for other transportation while the vehicle is in the shop.

Step 2

Teardown & Inspection

After your vehicle is left at the shop for repairs, the first thing we do is to disassemble the damaged area of your vehicle, to inspect for any hidden damage. After the teardown, we will contact you with any additional damage and then give you an estimated completion date because prior to the teardown we will not be able to give you an accurate date.

Step 3

Begin Repairs

After the teardown process, and all the parts are received the technician will start the repairs. Most vehicles will need to be measured, which we do with our state of the art ultrasound measuring equipment. This ensures the foundation of your vehicle is within factory recommended specifications. After that the body work can be performed and get it to the paint department.

Step 4


For us to properly paint the vehicle, before it gets to the paint department we remove everything on any panels we will be painting, and even parts that fit tight to panels we will be painting so that we may sand and prep all the way tothe edges to ensure the paint does not lift or peel in the future. We guarentee all our work for as long as you own the vehicle so we have to ensure we do it right. Then the rest of the vehicle is covered to avoid any overspray.

Step 5


After the vehicle has been painted it heads back to the body technician for reassembly. At this point the tech will install all the parts that were removed for paint and damaged in the loss. Although we do our best to avoid it this is one point that sometimes causes delays. Because we are reassembling the damaged area, sometimes we come across additional parts that are required, that may have been missed on the original estimate, if either the part was missing or completely destroyed in the loss, so it was not visible for us to know it was necessary. After all the reassembly has been performed the tech does a thorough quality control inspection on the vehicle.

Step 6


After the vehicle has been completely reassembled by the body tech, it may be necessary for an alignment. Typically alignments are only performed on vehicles that either, have direct impact to the wheel or tire, or have had frame pulls performed that may cause misalignment of the suspension. After the alignment is complete, then it should be ready for detail. In the detail department we do a good cleaning on the car to remove any evidence that the vehicle was in the shop or had repairs done, also we may do polishing and or light touch ups to make your vehicle look its best, before handing over the keys. After it has been detailed we do a quality control inspection on the vehicle, and go line by line on our estimate to ensure that all procedures and all documentation was properly completed. Then we take it for a test drive to further ensure quality.

Step 7

Pick Up

At the time that you come to pick up your vehicle, we will then collect the deductible & any monies owed and go over the repairs that were performed. Of course you may look over your vehicle as thorough as you would like, but you can pick it up with confidence that we have completely check out your vehicle, and that we also give a lifetime warranty on all labor, paint against fading and peeling, and parts according to the manufactures warrenty, for repairs that we have performed, so although unlikely, even if you get the vehicle home and a week, month, or a year later you find something you do not like or are not happy with we will stand behind our work and do what we can to take care of it.

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