Feelings vs. Responses: How to Handle An Accident

Your Priorities After a Car Accident

Nobody likes a car accident. You have every right to be unhappy, confused, or perhaps even angry. Signature Auto Collision in Barstow, California, can assist you with repairing vehicle damage after an accident, providing you with peace of mind and a restored vehicle.

Priority 1: Take Care of People

Clearly, the most important consideration immediately after an accident is the human factor. Are you hurt? Is anyone else hurt? Property damage can wait. Attend to medical needs, summoning appropriate emergency help. Taking care of injuries can potentially make the difference between life and death. Further, timely response and treatment can impact the speed and extent of long-term recovery. Make sure you are in a safe location so that you do not become the victim of a secondary wreck. Never put property damage ahead of those involved in an accident.

Priority 2: Prepare for Next Steps

Next, it’s best to put emotions and feelings aside as best you can so that you can think clearly. Take photographs of the scene, damage to all vehicles involved, and account for witnesses to the crash. Cooperate with law enforcement, answering questions and following directives such as moving vehicles if and when requested. (Note: Answer questions honestly. If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, it is acceptable to say that. You should not generate answers just for the sake of having a response.)

After the on-site investigation is complete, make sure to collect all evidence you have. This includes storing photos you took at the scene, a copy of the official accident report (which you can obtain on a later date from the responding law enforcement agency), and any other relevant information you have in a safe, accessible location. You will need this when filing an insurance claim or taking any other related action. Afterward, make sure you notify both your insurance company and the other party’s/parties’ insurer to file a claim.

Priority 3: Repair Property Damage

While it may seem daunting, repairing your car is actually the easiest element of vehicle crash recovery if you allow Signature Auto Collision to assist you. We have an estimator located on-site at our Barstow location. We have a large, secure facility that includes multiple buildings and several high-quality paint booths specially designed to closely replicate a factory-original paint job. If you’ve been involved in an accident, we hope you are okay, and we will be happy to help you repair your ride.

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