Car Painting in Barstow, CA

Precise Color Matching Technology--Signature Auto Collision

Recovery From Wind & Sand Damage

Most of our painting services involve repairing / replacing damaged panels in a collision. We paint those panels and blend colors as needed for a match. We’re able to achieve an undetectable color match by using a very high quality product teamed up with high quality equipment. A color matching camera and computer databases will follow the manufacturer’s paint codes. We guarantee our color match for any job. The goal is to capture your desired color after any repair service. Signature Auto Collision in Barstow provides the car painting services that will maintain the aesthetics you envision. Finding a painting service shop that you can trust makes the process stress free and convenient. Whatever paint you can imagine, we can make a reality!

Complete Car Paint Services

We do complete paint services, although it is rare. When we do completes, it’s typically from an accident such as driving off road and through a fence that scratches the entire vehicle. Our shop can also handle a comprehensive claim for paint services as a result of sand damage or hail storm. Signature Auto Collision also specializes in paint services for older vehicles, where owners are looking to repaint to make the vehicle look better, and newer. Quite often, our service expertise and level of quality is not what people need. A complete paint service is very labor and material intensive when done right. For us, we will only do it if we can do it right and can warranty it. This may involve detrimming vehicles completely (removing all moldings, handles, trim, glass, etc.), then sanding and prepping panels, spraying the vehicle and then reassembling. There is NOT a set price to do these, but generally a small car would start around $4000 and go up from there.

Schedule Car Painting Service With Us!

Our quality paint services meet any vehicle’s post-collision needs or of any owner’s desired enhancements. We stay abreast of all the latest technologies and service techniques to make sure your vehicle is always looking its best. Signature Auto Collision wants you to look your best behind the wheel. Bring us your vision and let us show you how we can bring it to pass. Owners will endure a lackluster paint job because they don’t believe they have the time or money to get it done right. Most of these vehicle owners are not aware of Signature Auto Collision. Our customers know from experience that we go above an beyond every time to meet and exceed expectations. Give us a call today at our Barstow location–760-255-1055–to find out our expert paint services will enhance your driving experiences. Looking good often equals feeling good, and your vehicle’s paint job is no exception. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by for a quote and an explanation of our quality car painting services.

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