Collision Repair in Barstow, CA

Closest Auto Body Repair location to service the Fort Irwin Military Base

Serving More Than Just Barstow

While we might be located in Barstow, we proudly serve the Hinkley, Helendale, Newberry Springs, Fort Irwin and surrounding communities – give us a call today (760-255-1055) for directions or to schedule service!

Auto Body & Paint

We are experts in collision repair and painting. We continue to make a significant investment in training and technology, to repair vehicles to a quality standard that is second to none. Most auto body shops can repair a ding or dent and do an acceptable paint job, but not very many shop invest in training for the technicians to teach them how to properly repair collision damage. Today’s vehicles a constructed out of UHSS’s (Ultra High Strength Steels), Aluminum, and other advanced materials, that require special techniques and equipment to properly repair and provide the same strength as your vehicle had prior to the loss. Don’t risk having your vehicle repaired by an untrained technician. You would not have a untrained person do surgery on you, so why would you let and untrained technician do surgery on your car, and risk personal injury in a subsequent collision.

Insurance Work

We work with all insurance companies to ensure that we are able to properly repair your vehicle, and come to an agreed price were you will not have to pay any overage charge (beyond standard deductible or applicable betterment). Some insurance companies, use scare tactics to drive customers to their recommended shops, by saying you will have to pay extra, above your deductible, but that’s not the case with us.

Wind & Sand Damage

With the high winds and sand in our area, many vehicles are damaged which results in comprehensive insurance claim. If you are looking to restore your vehicles finish, contact us. We will gladly work with your insurance to repair & paint as necessary. We can also handle the glass replacement that normal accompany a sand loss.


We work closely with several local tow companies and we would be happy to arranging towing services for your vehicle if needed. If you have a claim with your insurance company most of the time the towing charges are covered by them. We will pay for the (reasonable) tow bill and advanced charges for you up front and the bill your insurance or add to your final bill at the end to eliminate you having to pay the charges upfront.


We have close affiliations with rental companies in our area. When you come to drop off your vehicle we will call the rental company of your choice and arrange your pick up and transportation back to their office. If you don’t have rental available on your insurance policy, we can negotiate great rates on your behalf, or you can take advantage of our shuttle service.

Shuttle Service

We have drivers available to transport you to and from the Signature Auto Collision while your vehicle is being repaired. Shuttle service is free of charge and can take you within 15 miles of our facility.

RV Repair & Painting

We do body repairs on RV’s , Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Toy haulers. We can repair fiberglass, aluminum, and of course steel panels, or replace panels as necessary.

PDR & Hail Damage

We are teamed up with local experts in paintless dent repair (PDR) to repair your minor dings (without painting) and/or to repair any hail damage your vehicle may have suffered.