Everything You Need to Know About Collision Repair in Phelan

The Most Common Car Collisions and How to Avoid Them

We spend a lot of time driving throughout our lifetime, so chances are you might be in a collision at some point. If you are in a minor or major collision in Phelan, CA, Signature Auto Collision is your resource for premier auto body repair. Our state-of-the-art facility and ASE Certified Technicians are equipped to handle all kinds of impact repairs for all makes and models, from dents and scratches to complete color matched painting and detailing. There are a few common car accidents that result in similar damages. The experts here at Signature Auto Collision can help you fix and avoid these common accidents today!

Damage to the front bumper is very common, often resulting from rear-ending, one of the most common kinds of automobile accidents. The front end of your car is almost always the first in line against other obstacles on the road, including other cars, wild animals, and curbs. We’ve all been there, nervously walking to the front of our car to inspect it after pulling in a little too tight. Maybe you come away scratch-free, but often front bumpers bear the marks of a long lifetime of travel. If your front end has accident damage, our technicians can help!

Broken headlights are another very common kind of damage from collisions. On most vehicles, they are made of rigid material that is easily shattered during an accident. Like your front bumper, your headlights take a beating as they lead you on your travels. Luckily, replacing broken headlights is easy. Signature Auto Collision can repair them to get you back on the road safely.

As the major component that meets the road everyday, your wheels undergo a lot of strain and are the most susceptible to damages from objects on the road. Wherever there are nails, potholes, and other road debris, your tires will be the first to find them. At Signature Auto Collision, we can help you with simple tire changes or more complex collision repairs. The road can be unforgiving, but our team of ASE Certified Technicians is equipped to prepare your car for it!

By on November 25th, 2018 in Collision Repair