5 Facts About Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Everything You Need to Know

Fly balls, falling branches, hail storms, other drivers — there’s no end to the list of potential dent-causing agents in the world. You can’t keep your car safe from unexpected accidents, but you can repair unsightly dents with paintless dent repair at Signature Auto Collision in Hesperia, California! Here’s everything you need to know about the service.

It Doesn’t Require Painting

It doesn’t take a detective to deduce the benefits of paintless dent repair. As the name suggests, this service removes blemishes, door dings, dents, and creases from a car’s body without damaging the existing paint finish. That means you won’t need to touch up the finish after repairs.

PDR Relies on Shape Memory

How does PDR work? Vehicle manufacturers stamp and “program” metal to a specific shape for the model’s body style. That metal has a memory. It wants to maintain its original form. PDR uses careful pressure to ease the body back into its shape, but the work has to be done by a professional. Overworking the metal will weaken its integrity, rendering it unsafe for your car’s continued protection.

PDR Is Cost-Effective

Compared to other repair methods, PDR is much more affordable! Repairing small dents can be expensive because of the work that goes into it. By eliminating the step of repainting, PDR can save money on repairs. The problem is that some kinds of damage aren’t qualified for this service. If there is existing damage to the paint surface, you’ll want to get it repainted to protect the sheet metal from rust and corrosion.

PDR Is Fast

When you take your car to an experienced professional for dent removal, it might take only a few hours for them to work out the dent. The technicians may have to remove internal components to access the damaged area, depending on the location of the dent. But as compared to dent repair and repainting, which can take several days, the small time frame is a huge benefit.

You Can Get Paintless Dent Repair Today

Signature Auto Collision offers PDR in Hesperia, California. Reach out to us to schedule your next service!

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