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Auto Body Repair in Hesperia, Barstow & Phelan, CA

Welcome to Signature Auto Collision!

I was in an accident, now what?

Just happened? – Tell the tow truck to take it straight to our shop lot 24/7, not their lot, as this will speed up the process and prevent the towing company from holding your vehicle and racking up storage charges.

After hours? – Tell the driver to drop in the front entrance, lock the vehicle, and put keys in the locking mailbox out front.

Already towed? – If your vehicle was towed to a tow yard, give us a call right away and we can get it moved to our shop. Most times we can cover the tow companies charges, and then pass that bill to the insurance with the repair cost.

Vehicle still driveable? – Bring your vehicle by as soon as possible for a free, no obligation, estimate by one of our knowledgeable friendly customer service/ repair estimators, and let us explain all your repair options, while informing you on the claims process.

For Collision Repairs Done Right–Call Us!

Most customers want to go back in time, before their vehicular accident ever happened. We don’t have a time machine, but we’ll do the next best thing! We’ll save you time, money, and stress when you choose the best collision repair shop in this area–Signature Auto Collision in Hesperia, Barstow or Phelan, CA. Make us your go-to auto body shop after any impact, including all dents, dings, fender benders and head-on collisions. We handle both minor and major collision repairs with the same commitment to excellence and a close attention to details. Our technicians have extensive experience working with most insurance companies. We’ll guide you all the way through the repair process to the closing of your claim.

>Signature Auto Collision gets you safely back on the road and behind the wheel of the vehicle you remember. Our auto body repair techs are well-equipped and well-trained to provide top-of-the-line bodywork and paint services. Motorists throughout the Hesperia, Barstow, and Phelan, CA areas have been coming to us for over a decade. We continue to use exceptional customer service, service guarantees, and integrity to add to our family of customers. Proudly serving the Victorville, Apple Valley, Hinkley, Helendale, Newberry Springs, Fort Irwin, Wrightwood, Pinion Hills and the Tri-community each and everyday! Give us a call at one of our three convenient locations–Barstow 760-255-1055, Hesperia 760-949-3767, Phelen 760-868-5885–to schedule an appointment!

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State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment

From minor to major collision repairs, we have you covered! You may not be able to protect your vehicle from impacts, dents, and scratches but you can control your choice in auto body shop. Give your vehicle the best chance at a full recovery by choosing the right repair team. Signature Auto Collision has built its reputation upon a commitment to excellence in all repair needs. Your vehicle’s frame, glass and paint job will look like they’re fresh off the showroom floor, even though they recently suffered a collision. No one will be able to tell you were ever in an accident. But you’ll recognize your pride and joy right away. We live for that look on your face! You’ll be surprised at how your vehicle looks; better than it did before the accident or the repair. Save time by putting us on speed-dial today! The solution to any of your auto body repair needs will be one-button away. From minor impacts to head-on collisions, your vehicle’s bodywork and paint services are handled quickly, but always correctly.

Lifetime Warranty on Labor

The biggest hazard to you and your vehicle is other drivers and their vehicles. Whether you’re liable in a vehicular accident or the victim in a collision, you need a qualified body shop to provide all repair needs. Signature Auto Collision has three locations--Hesperia, Barstow, Phelan--from which we perform our exceptional bodywork services. Keep us on speed-dial in case you have an unfortunate accident that you want turned into an unexpected enhancement. Our body shop technicians stay abreast of all the latest technologies to ensure your vehicle is back to its original condition as quickly and as safely as possible. We stand behind all of our body shop repairs with a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. Trust is the most important part of the repair process, and we go above and beyond with every appointment to earn and keep yours.

Things to Know After an Accident

  • Can I choose any shop?We are experts at working with insurance companies to get them to pay to fix your vehicle correctly. Law says you have the choice of which body shop does your repairs, and the insurance can not force you to go to any shop.
  • What about my deductible?If you were in an accident and it was your fault chances are you will have to pay your deductible, but there is good new. We do not collect the deductible until the repairs are completed and you come to pickup. Also, if needed we work with a finance company, that can easily approve most people, and they will pay us and allow you to make a few easy payments, relieving the stress of having to pay the whole amount at once.
  • What about a rental car?If you were not at fault and the other parties insurance company has accepted liability, they are required to cover the cost of your rental car. Some will pay up front and others work on reimbursement. If you are using your insurance, rental car coverage is a choice on your policy when you purchased your insurance. You will need to contact your adjuster or agent to find out if you have coverage.
  • Will my Color Match?YES! We offer a color match guarantee and we can do this because we use top of the line paint materials, along with advanced camera color match technology to ensure a perfect color match every time.
  • How long will it take?Repair times vary depending on many factors such as amount of damage, parts availability, your insurance company, and other factors. However, Signature Auto Collision, does make every effort to repair vehicles in a timely manner, and we are consistently above industry standard for average repair times. We will give you an honest estimated repair time, and keep you informed throughout the whole repair process, via phone and text message updates.
  • Will my car be safe?YES! As a small independent collision repair shop, with owners at the shops daily, we focus first and foremost on quality and this is where we feel we offer the biggest advantage over the large chain corporate shops. For us we put quality and customer satisfaction first where the big corporations, force local shop managers to focus solely on profits and let quality slip. Signature Auto Collision is dedicated to training and all of our locations are I-CAR GOLD CLASS shops We are also Assured Performance Certified.
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  • ASE
  • I-CAR Gold Class